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Coronavirus disease - Data as reported by 10AM CET24 February 2020* PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 25 Februarie 2020 00:23





        SITUATION IN NUMBERS total and new cases in last 24 hours

Globally 79 331 confirmed (715new)

China    77 262 confirmed (415 new  )2595 deaths (150 new)

Outside of China  2069  confirmed (300new)

29 countries   (1 new)   23deaths (6new)


China          Very   High

Regional     Level  High

Global         Level High



•One new Member State (Kuwait)reported cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours.

•Since the emergence of COVID-19 we have seen instances of public stigmatization among specific populations, and the rise of harmful stereotypes. Stigmatization could potentially contribute to more severe health problems, ongoing transmission, and difficulties controlling infectious diseases during an epidemic.Please see the Subject in Focus section for more information on how to counter stigmatizing attitudes.


SUBJECT IN FOCUS:Risk Communications to Address StigmaStigma occurs when people negatively associate an infectious disease, such as COVID-19, with a specific population. In the case of COVID-19, there are an increasing number of reports of public stigmatization against people from areas affected by the epidemic. Unfortunately, this means that people are being labelled, stereotyped, separated, and/or experience loss of status and discrimination because of apotentialnegative affiliation with the disease.Given that COVID-19 is a new disease, it is understandable that its emergence and spread cause confusion,anxiety and fear among the general public. These factors can give rise to harmful stereotypes.

Stigma can:

•Drive people to hide the illness to avoid discrimination •Prevent people from seeking health care immediately •Discourage them from adopting healthy behaviours Such barriers could potentially contribute to more severe health problems, ongoing transmission, and difficulties controlling infectious diseases during an infectious disease outbreak.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), UNICEF and the WHO are developing community-basedguides and global campaigns to thwart the effects of stigma on people and the COVID-19 response.

Do your part.Governments, citizens, media, key influencers and communities have an important role to play in preventing and stopping stigma. We all need tobe intentional and thoughtful when communicating on social media and other communication platforms, showing supportive behaviors around COVID-19.Here are some examples and tips on possible actions to counter stigmatizing attitudes: •Spreading the facts: Stigma can be heightened by insufficient knowledge about how the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is transmitted and treated, and how to prevent infection. •Engaging social influencerssuch as religious leaders on prompting reflection about people who are stigmatized and how to support them, or respected celebrities to amplify messages that reduce stigma. •Amplify the voices, stories and images of local people who have experienced COVID-19 and have recovered or who have supported a loved one through recovery to emphasise that most people do recover from COVID-19.•Make sure you portray different ethnic groups.

Materials should show diverse communities that are being affected, and show communities working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

•Balanced reporting.Media reporting should be balanced and contextualised, disseminating evidence-based information and helping combat rumour and misinformation that could lead to stigmatisation.•Link up.There are a number ofinitiatives to address stigma and stereotyping. It is key to link up to these activities to create a movement and a positive environment that shows care and empathy for all .


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Romanian Pole & Aerial Sports Championships 2020 PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 24 Februarie 2020 12:55
                   Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: 2 persoane, oameni făcând sport şi text

   Federația Română de Pole Fitness și Sport (FRPFS) are plăcerea de a vă invita la Campionatele Naționale de Pole și Aerial Sports din România, care vor avea loc în Centrul Apollo din București pe 21 iunie 2020, ora 11:00.Competiția este deschisă atât sportivilor din România, cât și celor din străinătate!Disciplinele: Pole Sport, Artistic Pole, Aerial Hoop, Open.

   Biletele se pot achiziționa de la intrare începând cu ora 10:00 în ziua competiției, iar prețurile sunt:
                         50 Ron adulți
                     25 Ron copii, elevi, studenți, pensionari.

    Eveniment organizat de Federația Română de Pole Fitness și Sport şi susținut de Federația Internațională de Pole Sport (IPSF).
Pentru informaţii ne puteți contacta prin e-mail la adresa: Această adresă de e-mail este protejată de spamboţi; aveţi nevoie de activarea JavaScript-ului pentru a o vizualiza


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In cazuri Exceptionale se Impun Masuri Exceptionale !! PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 24 Februarie 2020 10:30

                          Set 50 bucati Masti chirurgicale faciale din 3 straturi / verde

    Masuri ce ar trebui luate in toata UE pentru a incerca minimalizarea raspindirii virusului Covid 19.
- sa fie interzise manifestările publice de orice fel
- sa se închida toate şcolile, de toate gradele, muzeele, cinematografele, precum şi orice alt loc de întâlnire publică;
- sa fie dezinfectate toate mijloacele de transport in comun, inclusiv trenurile.
- sa fie interzise toate competitiile sportive , muzicale , de arta ,etc. din toata Europa
- sa fie interzise toate expozitiile din UE- indiferent de tematica
- sa fie interzise toate schimburile de experienta,de coach,etc din toata UE
- sa fie interzise toate deplasarile persoanelor in interes de turism din UE
- sa fie interzise toate VENIRILE in Uniunea Europeana PERSOANELOR DIN ALTE TARI UE si non UE
In cazuri Exceptionale se Impun Masuri Exceptionale !!
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Mașina Sony Vision-S PDF Imprimare Email
Duminică, 23 Februarie 2020 09:22

   Sony's Technology – Moving Towards Evolution in Mobility





    We are in an age in which the cars of the future, once visible only in our imaginations, are finally becoming a reality.
    It is not only hardware in the form of cars that is changing.
    The conventions of our daily lives and society are also being transformed.

Sony wants to re-imagine mobility as we know it.
How can we inspire people through mobility? How can we provide greater peace of mind?
How can we contribute to society and the environment?
Sony will open up a new world of mobility using its creativity and technology.

Sony exists as a citizen of society and the Earth.
We believe that new human lifestyles exist beyond the realms of new mobility.
Sony will work directly toward that ideal.     


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Simona Halep - castiga trofeul de la Dubai PDF Imprimare Email
Sâmbătă, 22 Februarie 2020 19:39

Simona Halep - Elena Rybakina  in finala de la Dubai

               Imagini pentru simona  halep

   Simona  castiga  cu  :  3;6, 6:3, 7:6 

  Simona Halep castiga  primul trofeu din 2020 

  Felicitari  Simona  !!


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Arta formarii mentalitatii de campion - Bucuresti PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 21 Februarie 2020 19:36

              Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: 3 persoane, text




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