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Joi, 07 Iunie 2018 19:09

                                 TUNING WORLD BODENSEE

                                                      May 30 – June 2, 2019
International exhibition event
for car tuning, lifestyle and

                   TUNING WORLD BODENSEE

At no other tuning event can tuning enthusiasts and car afi cionados mingle at this level. From its beginnings as an insider secret in 2003, TUNING WORLD BODENSEE has become the absolute highlight of the tuning scene – for industry reps, tuning fans and visitors alike. Today, TUNING WORLD BODENSEE is Europe’s biggest trade fair dedicated solely to tuning.
Unique presentations and event modules have become yardsticks for other exhibitions to follow, and the newly introduced European Tuning Showdown (ETS) has also proved a massive audience draw.
Exhibitors and visitors all agree: TUNING WORLD BODENSEE is cool, fun, important, congenial and trendy!

Exhibitors won’t just find exceptional target groups and markets at Lake Constance, they will also find a trade fair concept off ering enormous added value: image building or brand positioning, PR events and unusual media collaborations – more of all that is possible at TUNING WORLD BODENSEE than anywhere else. New formats and tools are being developed in line with the dynamism of the industry and the event itself. So if you want more, exhibit here!




TUNING WORLD BODENSEE offers the industry big markets and an ideal setting:

  • Perfect international location
  • Focus on the active tuning scene
  • Lots of purchasing power
  • Low unemployment
  • Ideal setting for corporate side-events


Feedback about TUNING WORLD BODENSEE 2017

Sabine Stiller, Marketing Manager, Yokohama Tires
“We still love this trade show and continue to use it as a platform for presenting our brand and product – both at our stand and throughout the entire trade show, including for example on the off-road course, at our Yokohama Club Award event and as a sponsor of the European Tuning Showdown. We were very pleased with the trade show once again, this year. Despite the initially bad weather, the ensuing days of the show went very well for us and we were able to make some good business deals.”


Manfred Hoffmann, CEO of Sonax GmbH
“Tuning World Bodensee is a very important event for us. In fact, we now send a 20-person team to the trade show. And that number will continue to rise. Our commitment to Tuning World Bodensee is reflected in the celebrities who we bring with us here, like Ken Block. And our success here is not only demonstrated by our popularity among trade show visitors and their interest level, but in the growth of our sales each year. It’s really gratifying to see the entire community’s appreciation of our company grow.”


Harald Schmidtke, CEO, Verband der Automobil Tuner (VDAT)
“Mother Nature wasn’t very kind to the event on Friday, but shined on it favorably, afterwards. Tuning World Bodensee 2017 then received good numbers of interested consumers, which ended up making it a success, once again. We look forward to coming back next year.”


Jürgen Lachner, Technical Consultant, Rieger Kfz-Kunststoffteile, Design und Tuning GmbH
“While it was somewhat restrained on Friday due to the snowfall, Tuning World Bodensee on Saturday and Sunday was a storming success with plenty of visitors. So, we’re satisfied with the turn-out. People came to the show intending to buy, so sales of our domestically manufactured aerodynamic and body assembly kits were very profitable.”


Sven Schulz, Organizer, European Tuning Showdown (ETS)
“Every year we think the European Tuning Showdown has reached its zenith, but the following year the tuners crank things up yet another notch. 2017 is no exception. The conversions just get phatter, crazier and more creative. The ETS is where Europe’s car tuning royalty compete for glory. Tuning World Bodensee can be proud to have established such a contest.”


Jörg Schramm, CEO, Upgraded Automotive Group
“It’s very important for us to present in Friedrichshafen, as our company headquarters are in Lindau. So, we reach our main audience here, and our target group identically matches up with Tuning World Bodensee visitors. The event’s proximity to Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland is also a key factor for us. Our stand’s location in Foyer West enabled us to perfectly market our new Superracer campaign, which was very well received by visitors.”


Alexander Métayer, Club Supervisor, Tuning World Bodensee
“Tuning World Bodensee went extremely well. In the run-up to the show, we received considerably more applications from clubs, which enabled us to make a really first-class selection. The atmosphere in the club halls is magnificent. I’m sensing a lot of community spirit here. And I’m really pleased to see how much effort the clubs put into their booth presentations. Of course, our prize for the best club stand spurred them on.”


Sidney Hoffmann, TV host, tuning expert and CEO of Sidney Industries
“Tuning World Bodensee was a highly successful trade show for us. Our promotional offers were a great fit, we had a good volume of visitors, and we were very satisfied with our sales, as well. “Our ‘RWB goes TWB’ project was a giant success. The Porsche conversion by Akira Nakai was very well received. In fact, we had a crowd of onlookers the entire time. You just don’t get to witness a car conversion like that anywhere else in person. It was important to Akira that this type of public performance take place in Germany for the first time, since it’s after all the homeland of Porsche. Numerous small add-ons ended up being installed in my new RWB Porsche that once again demonstrate Akira Nakai’s passion for detail, as well as how much he valued putting on a show here. And the fact that we brought RWB to Germany has been extremely well received.”


Benjamin Dündar, Secretary and Spokesperson, Deutsche Drifter e.V.
“We clearly wanted to appear here. The aim of our shows is, among other things, to demonstrate to the public that drifting is a type of motorsport that is also highly entertaining. The spectators here in Friedrichshafen are very close to the drifting area, which really gives them an ‘in-your-face’ experience of the sport. And after the shows, fans can visit the paddock and find out more about drifting.”


Robin Petruzzelli, E-Commerce and Tuning Manager, GD Handelssysteme GmbH, Premio Reifen
“What sets us apart from other exhibitors is that we had some of our dealers from southern Germany at our stand. We were working to capacity every day, and our sales and inquiries were strong. For us, Tuning World Bodensee and the Essen Motorshow are the only events where the industry still gets together properly – where you can have direct one-on-one exchanges with other exhibitors and customers.”


Johannes Wacker, Product Manager, KW automotive GmbH
“We find Messe Friedrichshafen to be one of the most beautiful trade show venues, and for years we’ve been putting on a big show here with our KW and ST suspensions brands. This year at Tuning World Bodensee, we’ve taken the opportunity to present our range of chassis for modern-era classic cars and classic cars, as well as our new KW Variante 4 for super sports cars. We’re delighted that so many car fans in the club halls have opted for our chassis, and that our two brand ambassadors, Sidney Hoffmann and Ken Block, have positioned us as a chassis manufacturer right within the tuning scene here at Tuning World Bodensee.”


Albrecht Schröder, CEO, COBRA Autozubehör-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
“Aside from its enjoyable atmosphere, Tuning World Bodensee offers us the great advantage of being located in the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which is a very lucrative catchment area. The Swiss visitors show a lot of interest and are highly disposed to making purchases. Through our involvement in Tuning World Bodensee, we’re also able to support Carex, our Swiss importer."


Christian Klose, Sales Director, Vogtland Autosport GmbH
“We’re grateful to Mother Nature, and are very satisfied with the response we’ve received to our trade show appearance in Friedrichshafen. The visitors know exactly what they want. From our point of view, the trade show benefits from its proximity to Switzerland and Austria. We’re looking forward to coming back. After all, from here we can strengthen our dealers in the two alpine republics, as well.”


Marie Bacher, Marketing Associate, Toyo Tire Europe GmbH
“We’re very happy with how the trade show went, and our presence in the immediate vicinity of the RWB conversion area was a success. The Toyo brand has attracted a lot of visitor attention at Tuning World Bodensee and we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries.”

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