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Primul ebike cu suspensie dublă de la Yamaha, inovatorul YDX-Moro PDF Imprimare
Joi, 30 Iulie 2020 12:34

                              Yamaha's first full-suspension ebike: the attractive and innovative YDX-Moro

     Yamaha has built its first full suspension ebike, and it looks like a beauty. The YDX-Moro and Moro Pro feature the world's first bicycle frame with split top and down tubes, as well as an angle sensor to allow next-level automatic riding.
      The split frame allows Yamaha to run the rear shock almost parallel to the top frame tube, and that in turn lets the YDX-Moro run a very compact frame, making the seat height hugely adjustable for shorter riders, helping the hydraulic dropper seat post get right out of the way when you drop it down, and making it easy to pop off the front of your seat and get a foot down when you need to.

The motor is a 500-watt PW-X2 of Yamaha's own design, and features sensors for pedal torque, cadence, rolling speed and pitch angle. This means the bike can easily work out when you're riding up or down a hill, and adjust its assistance level accordingly; a great idea that will make the process of riding these things even more seamless and take some button presses out of the ride.

The 500 Wh battery is a little more tucked away than most, living sandwiched between the split downtube frame rails in a fashion that Yamaha says prevents it from twisting better than other systems. It's removable and can be quickly swapped out if you're running a spare.


Yamaha appears to have partnered with Rockshox for suspension, with different levels of specification depending on whether you're going for the YDX-Moro or the YDX-Moro Pro. Tires are chunky Maxxis enduro hoops. There's not a ton more detail at the moment in terms of weight, shift systems, prices and the like; full specs won't drop until next month. But to us, this looks like a beautifully designed and well thought-out little monster that should be a ton of fun on or off the street.

Source: Yamaha


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