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Luni, 10 Ianuarie 2022 14:31
  The Cadillac InnerSpace Concept explores sleeker, sportier styling that's still very much Cadillac
    The canopy opens along with the side doors to create roomier ingress/egress

While Chevrolet is busying itself readying the near future, Cadillac is diving deeper into the crystal ball, showing the all-new InnerSpace digital concept car at CES 2022. The ultra-low, sleek coupe has looks to kill, but it's really an interior concept, showing how autonomous driving can be used to create a personal theater as cozy as any living room.

We've often wondered if two-seaters will have much lifespan in the autonomous age. Every fully autonomous concept cabin seems to focus either on an intimate four-person+ vis-a-vis layout or a larger ride share-friendly mini-bus configuration. With the ghost in the machine taking care of all the driving, the exhilarating handling advantages of the coupe are mostly nullified, so maybe the two-door two-seater will ultimately become a forgotten dinosaur.



The InnerSpace says, "Not so fast," showing how sporty design and a two-seat interior could become more relevant than ever in a self-driving world.

Cadillac describes the concept as the reimagining of a classic runabout, and while it isn't a convertible like runabouts often are, it employs a panoramic glass roof that drapes over into the vehicle sides as a way of connecting with the world outside.

The InnerSpace's dramatically low stance, long curves and taut rear end make it worthy as a design study, but Cadillac's focus is entirely inside the lift-away canopy. Here, a snug cocoon wraps two passengers in a love-seat-style bench pointed at a rather dramatically curved LED display. The screen hosts the passengers' choice of augmented reality, entertainment or wellness recovery programming, and GM's Ultifi connected software platform allows Cadillac and authorized third parties to add additional themes and options. The panoramic canopy surrounding the duo ensures they never get so entranced by digital media as to lose touch with their natural surroundings.





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