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Joi, 02 Februarie 2023 15:03

                                   The C21 city ebike is among a bunch of new 2023 models from Fiido

    After a somewhat turbulent 2022, Hong Kong-based e-mobility outfit Fiido has kicked off the new year with a quick look at a bunch of upcoming ebikes, a kids push bike and a powerful seated scooter.
Fiido has been running for around five years now, and has previously enjoyed huge crowdfunding success for its D11 and X folding ebikes, though the latter's smooth-lined magnesium alloy frame did prove to be quite problematic.

In April of last year, the company's futuristic-looking folding ebike was recalled after numerous reports of visible fatigue and incidents of the frame breaking apart at the hinge. The response from Fiido was swift. Sales were suspended, the design was tweaked and tested, and then a replacement rolled out to backers and buyers.



The T1 utility ebike also suffered an early design flaw that saw some units in the wild being recalled following reports of the aluminum alloy frame's downtube snapping in two. Again, affected owners were sent a replacement model that included a number of welcome upgrades.

For the new year, Fiido is hoping to put such troubles in the rear view, giving its website a fresh new look and announcing a bunch of new models for early 2023. Details are scant at this stage, and all we have to look at are image renders, but here's what we do know.

Up first are a pair of minimalist city commuters called the C21 (step-over) and the C22 (mid-step). They each rock elegant lines with cables routed inside the frame, and sport a full color display integrated into the handlebar that's angled slightly for optimum viewing.

There's no mention of wattage for the hub motor at this stage, but Fiido is promising an "extremely agile power-assisted performance." That pedal assistance will be responsive too, thanks to a torque sensor at the bracket. And there are nine mechanical gears to help with ride flexibility.

Per-charge range hasn't been revealed, but an optional spare bottle battery will be available to extend time in the saddle between top ups. Interestingly, riders will be able to power on and control their commuters using a smartwatch, which will also be used to monitor health and share stats with the wider Fiido community.

From the renders we can see disc braking in play – probably hydraulic – as well as ergo grips, integrated lighting but no fenders or kickstand. These models are reported to tip the scales at 17.5 kg (38.5 lb) apiece, and are priced at US$1,599 with pre-orders due to start later this month. The first batch is expected to ship late March.

All we know about the C31 ebike at the moment is that it features a carbon frame with integrated strip lighting and fingerprint-activated power on, and it tips the scales at 12.6 kg (27.7 lb). This model is expected to retail for $3,399.

Fiido is heading off-road in 2023 too, with a high-end eMTB called the M31 that rocks a mid-mount motor producing 110 Nm (81 lb.ft) of torque. Mechanical gears are included, there's a 696-Wh removable downtube battery, the rider will benefit from full squish as well as chunky off-road tires, integrated lights front and back help with visibility, there's disc braking and an included rear rack. You can expect to ride out on this one for $3,999.

The $1,999 Titan model is described as an advanced two-wheeled SUV. It features a 750-W rear-hub motor with torque sensing, a keyless downtube battery that can be removed for charging indoors, and rolls on 26-inch rims with 4-inch fat tires.

Rounding out this early look at upcoming Fiido models are a $399 electric push bike for youngsters called the K1 and a seated e-scoot called the Q2 that's priced at $1,599. The latter comes with dual 1,200-W motors for a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), and a 1,252.8-Wh removable battery promising a per-charge range of 85 km (53 miles).

As actual release dates approach, we'll update you with more details.

Source: Fiido








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