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Marţi, 21 Martie 2023 15:16





Audi Pavilion in the Autostadt is the first permanent Audi House of Progress


Exhibition concept brings digitalization, design, performance, and sustainability to life

for visitors


With temporary Audi House of Progress locations in urban hot spots, Audi meets its

customers on their home ground

   The locations are not sales outlets. On the contrary, they make the Audi spirit accessible
through direct involvement with relevant content and products.

Unlike the Audi House of Progress in the Autostadt, all the other concept locations are

temporary. Audi is opening theAudi has completely redesigned its pavilion in the Autostadt

Wolfsburg and converted it into the only permanent location for the Audi House of

Progress exhibition concept. Now, the brand’s new experience center is opening its doors.

Audi is bringing its four brand values of digitalization, design, performance, and

sustainability to life for the site’s visitors. The Audi House of Progress concept offers

them space to connect with the Audi brand and get to know the company, its products,

and its values. The result is direct contact between people and brand.m in urban hot

spots as a way of going to the heart of its customers’ lives. In 2022, Audi House of

Progress sites opened in Vienna, Seoul, and Milan, among other places. In addition

to the permanent installation in Wolfsburg, in the spring of 2023, an Audi House of

Progress will also open in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Additional locations

are already being planned.

The road to the Audi House of Progress Wolfsburg

Alterations to the Audi Pavilion in the Autostadt amounted to a complete remodeling

of the existing building’s interior. In addition to renovating its internal technology,

the main focus was the exhibition concept. To increase transparency and create

space for new exhibits and new sight lines, the reinforced concrete forming the rotunda

which contains the central staircase of the building was opened up.

The new Audi House of Progress shows that Audi’s sustainable aspirations do not

only apply to products, manufacturing, and the supply chain, but also to its touch

points with customers and fans. The idea behind the Audi House of Progress is to no

longer require alterations for new exhibits, which is completely in line with the goal

of sustainability. The only things that will change are the digital content and the exhibits,

like cars and furnishings. That way, new topics and products can be integrated into

each exhibition quickly and easily. It will turn the company's promise that “future

is an attitude” into a changeable concept with an emphasis on making the Audi

brand tangible and real for visitors. 

Right in the entry area to the Audi House of Progress, the Table of Visions offers a look at

the company’s visions of the future. A moving walkway flanked by questions about brand

topics leads away from there and into the pavilion’s exhibition areas, which span two levels.

Highlights of the exhibition

The first level houses exhibits on digitalization and design. Alongside the A6 e-tron concept

and the Audi A8 60 TFSI e1 plug-in hybrid, there are exhibits that bring both subjects to life

on an elongated lowboard. Examples from the digital field include interactive OLED matrix

rear lights that playfully display various animations and, in doing so, reveal the technology’s

possibilities. Additionally, materials like the recycled substance Econyl, a clay model of the

Audi e-tron GT quattro2, and 3-D printed vases in current color options are also presented.

Visitors can take sketches from Audi Design home with them.

In the Audi House of Progress, the headlights of the Audi A6 e-tron concept are converted

into projectors and playfully demonstrate the potential of Audi Lighting Technologies.

A floor projection for the performance area leads to the second level. The image is derived

from the audio signal of a film that is shown in that area and it changes depending on the

volume, intensity, and dynamics.

An Audi RS e-tron GT3 and a showcase for the Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils bring the brand

value of performance to life. Along with the Q4 e-tron, the Sustainability Table provides

information about the circular economy and sustainable collaboration.

The heart of the pavilion is the “Blog of Progress” in the open rotunda, which spatially

links both of the upper exhibition levels with the entrance level. The blog’s real-time content

is generated from the Audi brand’s daily updated highlight subjects and brand focal points.

Thanks to a social media installation, anyone who is interested can sit in the back seat

of a concept car from the sphere family at the end of the tour.


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