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2018 Nobel Prize in Physics laureate Arthur Ashkin delivers his Nobel Lecture at Nokia Bell Labs PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 18 Decembrie 2018 11:17
Nobel prizes burgundy 2018
Nobel prizes burgundy 2018
     Nokia Bell Labs, the world renowned industrial research arm of Nokia, today held a ceremony in honor of Arthur Ashkin, who was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for work undertaken while at Bell Labs. Ashkin was awarded the prize for the invention of optical tweezers and their application to biological systems, which enables scientists to further unravel the mysteries of human life.

     The highlight of the ceremony was Ashkin delivering his Nobel Lecture for the first time.  He was unable to travel to Stockholm to receive his award so his son, Daniel, received it on his behalf.  His Laureate lecture was presented by Bell Labs researcher and close friend, Rene-Jean Essiambre as part of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony festivities, to great acclaim.  But today in Murray Hill, NJ, Arthur was able to deliver the lecture himself to a captive audience of Nobel Laureates, and former colleagues and collaborators, who came to honor his outstanding accomplishment.


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Posibil : global internet access for free PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 03 Decembrie 2018 13:06
LinkSure is aiming to have 272 satellites and data processing centers operational within the next eight...

LinkSure is aiming to have 272 satellites and data processing centers operational within the next eight years(Credit: paulfleet/Depositphotos)

    It's easy to take web access for granted, but in many regions getting online isn't as simple as just opening up a browser window. Now Chinese firm LinkSure Network has announced a system of satellites to be launched by 2026, which it wants to provide internet access across the globe, free of charge.

    Called the LinkSure Swarm Constellation System, the network will be headed by the LinkSure-1 satellite launching in 2019. That will be followed by 10 more satellites by 2020, with a total of 272 satellites and data processing centers scheduled to be operational within the next eight years.


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Casti MDR-1000X PDF Imprimare Email
Duminică, 25 Noiembrie 2018 19:50


     Anulare incomparabilă a zgomotelor

      Cu o anulare a zgomotului de top în domeniu1, aceste căşti premiate de What Hi-Fi?2 vă permit să savuraţi muzica fără a fi deranjat. Ascultaţi într-o linişte totală sau adaptaţi sunetul la mediu.


Audiţie wireless de înaltă calitate prin LDAC

LDAC transmite aproximativ de trei ori mai multe date (transfer maxim: 990 kbps) faţă de sunetul wireless clasic prin BLUETOOTH®, deci aveţi conţinutul cu sunet de înaltă rezoluţie la o calitate excepţională, apropiată de sunetul de înaltă rezoluţie.5

Specificaţii şi funcţii
Cu tehnologie de top pentru anularea zgomotului1, aceste căşti vă permit să ascultaţi muzică fără ca atenţia să vă fie distrasă. Ascultaţi muzica în linişte deplină sau ajustaţi sunetul în funcţie de mediu.
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the first phone we've seen with a truly foldable screen PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 05 Noiembrie 2018 18:12

The Royole FlexPai folds out to be a tablet, and folds over to be a phone

The Royole FlexPai folds out to be a tablet, and folds over to be a phone(Credit: Royole)

   Foldable phones are coming, there's no doubt about that. Samsung, LG, and Huawei are among those who've set out their intentions to launch bendable handsets within the next year, but they've all apparently been beaten to the line by the Royole FlexPai.

  • The Royole FlexPai runs some decent specs under the hood
  • When folded, there's a third screen on the edge of the Royole FlexPai
  • In total, the Royole FlexPai foldable screen is 7.8 inches corner to corner
  • With prices starting at US$1,318, the Royole FlexPai is very much for early adopters

    Whereas last year's ZTE Axon M stuck two displays together with a hinge, the FlexPai screen really does fold over – it's a tablet one moment and a phone the next. The Chinese manufacturer behind the device says it can be folded open and shut more than 200,000 times before breaking.


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Apple şi Samsung, AMENDATE cu milioane de dolari PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 25 Octombrie 2018 19:29

Apple şi Samsung, AMENDATE cu milioane de dolari pentru update-urile telefoanelor

                               person holding black smartphone

         Autoritatea pentru concurenţă italiană a anunţat că a amendat Apple şi Smsung cu câte 5 milioane de euro, în urma plângerilor clienţilor care au reclamat că update-urile software au dus la funcţionarea mai proastă a telefoanelor mobile.

      Apple a mai primit o amendă de 5 milioane de euro pentru că nu a furnizat clienţilor informaţii clare pentru întreţineea şi eventuala înlocuire a bateriei telefoanelor.


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