Making "cutting edge innovation standard for everyone," Samsung has added a new mid-range model to its A series of phones. The Galaxy A80 borrows some tricks from the top-end Galaxy S10 series, as well as adding a few new tricks of its own – including a rotating, pop-up camera.

   The Cinematic Infinity Display uses Super AMOLED technology, just like the S10 phones, but there's no notch and very little in the way of bezels – that's because there's only one camera, around the back. With a tap, that camera slides above the screen and rotates, ready to do double-duty as a front-facing camera too.

    It's the headline feature of the new Galaxy A80, and it also means the phone can be Samsung's first truly full-screen model, with a 6.7-inch, 1,080 x 2,400 pixel display free from any kind of notch or hole punch cut out.