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MV Agusta starts production on special edition Rush 1000 dragster PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 26 Mai 2020 13:52

The Rush 1000: the latest MV Agusta special edition based on the 4-cylinder Brutale

The Rush 1000: the latest MV Agusta special edition based on the 4-cylinder Brutale
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Rocking up to a group ride on an MV Agusta has long been the kind of thing to raise eyebrows. An MV rider, eh? What are we looking at here, a dyed-in-the-wool old-school Agostini fan? A lover of fine Italian design? A fastidious bike-washer? You can be fairly sure you're not looking at somebody frugal or practical or geared up for long distance; MV's motorcycles are statement pieces. Strapping luggage on them would feel like filling a Gucci handbag up with undies and socks. These are purchases of passion, not pragmatism.


That's the regular MVs, mind you, the almost affordable ones. If you're the type that demands an extra dollop of special, MV has never been afraid to gild the hell out of a lily. Special editions pop up from this factory like whack-a-mole heads, each for a short time and solely for people willing to spend serious money on a motorcycle. Please ignore the fact that serious motorcycle money lines up pretty nicely with average new car money.

The Rush 1000 is such a special edition. It's based on the Brutale 1000 RR, a four-cylinder, 998cc, 208-horsepower monster and a very pretty and expensive bike in its own right. The Rush keeps this monster engine in the same state of tune, as well as the same claimed top speed over 300 km/h (186 mph) if you can hang onto a naked bike in that kind of windblast. You can slap on an optional racing kit if you need four extra horsepower ... Who are we kidding here? The chief value of the racing kit is that its titanium exhaust will make the bike louder, thus garnering you a little extra attention.

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The world's most powerful production motorcycles: 200 hp or go home PDF Imprimare
Duminică, 10 Mai 2020 19:44

The world's most powerful production motorcycles: 200 hp or go home

                              One of the world's most powerful motorcycles
One of the world's most powerful motorcycles

Two hundred horsepower is a perfectly decent amount of power for a small to medium sized car. It is a lewd and indecent amount to stuff into a motorcycle that weighs next to nothing and adheres to the road with two small tire contact patches that would add up to about the size of a credit card.

And yet motorcyclists are often lewd and indecent people who enjoy scenery best when it's a shuddering blur. The feeling of wrenching open the throttle of a genuinely fast motorcycle lays waste to anything you can experience on four wheels. It's a savagely physical experience solely for the skilled, the brave and the dribblingly stupid, and I'm proud to count myself among all three of those groups on any given day.

It boggles my mind to this day that any clown can walk into a motorcycle dealership, slap down US$15,000 and walk out with a two-hundred-horsepower motorcycle. There are now many options to choose from in this hallowed stratosphere, including superbikes, electric bikes, naked bikes, supercharged bikes, turbine-powered bikes and even the odd cruiser.

We will endeavor to keep this list updated, so please help us fill in the gaps if we're missing anything. But as of now, here are the most powerful production motorcycles you can buy. Many of them cost less than a small car, giving you outright extremes of performance at 1/300th of the price of the world's most powerful cars. Bask in their glory.The Damon Hypersport: 200 horsepower (electric)

Damon's co-founders Jay Giraud and Dominique Kwong at CES 2020
Damon's co-founders Jay Giraud and Dominique Kwong at CES 2020

Straight outta Canada, the Damon's 200-horse, 200-Nm (147.5 lb-ft) electric powertrain will make this thing frighteningly quick, even if it is geared for 200 mph (322 km/h) out of the box. The battery is rumored to hold a huge 21.5 kWh, which should do good things for the range, but Damon is selling this thing more as a technology platform to push its Shift variable ergonomics, which let you move the seat, handlebars and footpegs, potentially on the move – as well as its Co-Pilot traffic-sensing haptics system designed to warn you about oncoming threats before you see them. An interesting bike for sure.


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Piața moto din Romania – creștere importantă în primul trimestru din 2020 PDF Imprimare
Vineri, 24 Aprilie 2020 11:35

Piața moto din Romania – creștere importantă în primul trimestru din 2020

                               Motocicleta Ducati racer cu figurina motociclist, Bruder 63050 - Scamp

In urma prelucrării datelor comunicate de  către DRPCIV, rezultă faptul că înmatriculările de motociclete noi din   România continuă trendul crescător   înregistrat anul trecut (+43,2% la finalul lui  2019), pe primul trimestru din acest an   înregistrându-se o creștere relativ  consistentă în raport cu trim. I 2019 (în
actuala conjunctura economică și socială  generată de pandemia COVID19) de 14,7%   pe un volum total de 366 unitatin (față de doar 319 câte au fost înregistrate în  Trim. I 2019).
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De la 01.01. 2020 intra in UE noul standard de mediu Euro5 pentru omologarea moto si mopede PDF Imprimare
Luni, 06 Ianuarie 2020 16:46
                                   Imagini pentru motocicleta poza

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LIQUI MOLY devine sponsor principal al Moto2-Team PDF Imprimare
Luni, 09 Decembrie 2019 10:27



   LIQUI MOLY își consolidează implicarea în IntactGP și devine sponsor principal al echipei Moto2 din Allgäu. Anul viitor, echipa va intra în campionatul mondial de motociclism drept „LIQUI MOLY IntactGP”. „Dezvoltăm o cooperare de succes și mărim vizibilitatea mărcii noastre”, a spus Ernst Prost, director LIQUI MOLY.

    LIQUI MOLY și-a prelungit anticipat contractul cu IntactGP cu trei ani și a parafat cooperarea până la finalul lui 2022. Noua denumire „LIQUI MOLY IntactGP” se va regăsi pe motociclete și pe echipamente după pauza competițională de iarnă.


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