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Injectarea retinei cu nanoparticule restabilește vederea șobolanilor nevăzători PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 08 Iulie 2020 18:40

                          Nanoparticles restored vision to rats for at least eight months in a new study


      Impressive new work has demonstrated a potential way to restore vision in those suffering from degenerative diseases of the retina.

     A single injection of nanoparticles was found to create a working artificial retina, restoring vision to blind rats.


Degenerative age-related vision loss is so common it would be easy to think it simply an unavoidable consequence of getting older. However, a number of innovative research projects have found ways to prevent, or at least slow, this seemingly inevitable process.


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How gut bacteria can break down cholesterol to improve cardiac health PDF Imprimare
Joi, 18 Iunie 2020 11:45

                       New research has homed in on the bacterial gene responsible for metabolizing cholesterol, although the exact gut microbiome microbe doing this in humans is still unknown

     New research has homed in on the bacterial gene responsible for metabolizing cholesterol, although the exact gut microbiome microbe doing this in humans is still unknown

     An impressively rigorous new study, led by researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, is shedding light on a century-old mystery. The study describes how bacteria in the gut can metabolize cholesterol at levels high enough to improve a person’s cardiac health.

      For well over 100 years scientists have known some people seem to have an ability to metabolize cholesterol in the gut more effectively than others. A compound called coprostanol was the big clue, and the general hypothesis has been there must be a type of gut microbe that can turn cholesterol into coprostanol.

“It’s been known for a long time that some gut bacteria could form coprostanol from cholesterol, but we didn’t know which species of bacteria were doing this or how they were doing it,” explains Douglas Kenny, first author on the new study.

One of the starting points for the research came from an old study describing the discovery of microbe in a lagoon filled with hog sewage that was found to effectively metabolize cholesterol into coprostanol. So the researchers set out to sequence the entire genome of this cholesterol-consuming hog bacterium with the goal of finding out which particular enzyme is responsible for converting cholesterol into coprostanol.


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Anaphylaxis-preventing pill offers new hope for severe allergy sufferers PDF Imprimare
Luni, 08 Iunie 2020 17:29


                                        The drug Ibrutinib was originally designed as a novel cancer treatment, but has recently shown promise as an acute anti-allergy tool

    Promising new research from Northwestern University is reporting progress in the development of an anaphylaxis-preventing pill. The drug, initially designed as an alternative to chemotherapy for some types of cancer, could hypothetically be taken before meals to prevent serious allergic reactions.

   TK inhibitors are relatively new drugs, originally designed to block a particular cellular protein known to play a role in the development of several kinds of cancers, including chronic lymphocytic leukemia and mantle cell lymphoma. Ibrutinib was the first of these drugs to gain FDA approval in 2013.
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Tipuri de măști și diferențele dintre ele PDF Imprimare
Joi, 14 Mai 2020 12:17
Măștile de protecție se împart în trei categorii: măști faciale simple, măști medicale și măști respiratorii, cu protecție avansată. Ce le diferențiază? Numărul de straturi de protecție și eficiența filtrării particulelor de praf, a bacteriilor și a virusurilor. Măști faciale și medicale Măștile faciale și cele medicale sunt confecționate din 3 straturi – cel din interior absoarbe umiditatea, cel din mijloc acționează ca un filtru împotriva bacteriilor și virusurilor, iar cel din exterior este impermeabil și are rol de protecție.
Eficiența filtrării este standard – măștile faciale și cele medicale reușesc că blocheze particulele de 3 microni.

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Dermofarm Dezinfectanți Mâini și Suprafețe PDF Imprimare
Joi, 14 Mai 2020 11:12
                                  Newsletter Farmec

    Dermofarm Dezinfectant pentru mâini, 750 ml este o soluție dezinfectantă alcoolică cu efect virucid, bactericid, fungicid, cu acțiune rapidă, destinată dezinfectării igienice și chirurgicale a mâinilor. 
  • Categoria de utilizatori: medical (chirurgical), industrial, casnic, colectivități.
  • Virucid. Antibacterian. Antifungic.  
  • Acțiune rapidă, fără clătire. 
  • Conține Alcool Etilic 80%v/v. 
  • Timp de acțiune: Dezinfecție igienică - 30 secunde. Dezinfecție chirurgicală - 180 secunde. 
  • Ambalaj practic prevăzut cu pulverizator.
Biocid Avizat de Institutul Cantacuzino - Autorizația Nr.: 48/10.04.2020.
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