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Holograma Rusia. Kremlinul intre discurs si realitate PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 22 Iunie 2022 11:27

 " Un diplomat rus cu care colaboram în cadrul ONU mi-a spus odată că, indiferent de perioada istorică sau de regimul politic, poporul rus nu se simte în siguranță dacă nu este condus de un conducător autocrat, care să dețină cu adevarat puterea în mâna lui, fie că acesta s-ar numi țar, sau secretar general al Partidului Comunist al URSS, sau Președinte al Federatiei Ruse.

Democrația occidentală nu va prinde la un popor care a trăit mai multe generații sub regimul comunist, în care statul reprezenta totul, statul rezolva totul, iar piata neagra satisfăcea nevoile de aprovizionare ale omului de rând.

Trecerea la democrație și la economia de piată, s-a facut „în stil rusesc”, în care fosta proprietate a statului a ajuns în mare masură în proprietate privată într-un mod în care i-a favorizat pe profitori. Această abordare poate fi inteleasă numai dacă i-ai cunoscut pe ruși acasă la ei, cu bune și cu rele.Conducerea Federației Ruse de după 2000 a considerat că tara a ramas o putere energetică, militară și diplomatică și a alimentat în mentalitatea publicului orgoliul de mare putere.

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Energean salută succesul Athena în timp ce urcă Olympus [Gas In Transition] PDF Imprimare
Vineri, 17 Iunie 2022 12:45

  Energean has declared another commercial gas discovery in offshore Israel as the firm’s new production vessel makes its way to the Eastern Mediterranean.

While the Athena-1 well in Block 12 hit 0.28 trillion ft3  (8bn m3) of gas, significantly less than the pre-drill target of 0.7 trillion ft3 (19.8bn m3), the find’s importance lies in its location. Halfway between Energean’s two key assets – Karish 20 km to the east and Tanin 20 km to the west – Athena is seen de-risking nearly 1.8 trillion ft3 (50bn m3) of additional gas across the company’s new Olympus development area, all of which can likely be tied back to the Energean Power FPSO and onward to the Israeli grid.

The first of its fields to be developed will be Karish Main which is seen coming on-stream in Q3 to target 1.4 trillion ft3 (40bn m3) and will be joined in the second half of 2023 by the 1.2 trillion ft3 (34bn m3) Karish North asset.


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Audi Summer Concerts: last-minute program changes and an additional concert PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 15 Iunie 2022 14:40
Audi Summer Concerts: last-minute program changes and an additional concert
             "Visions of the Future" is the motto of this year's Audi Summer Concerts from June 30 to July 10, which are taking place under several special conditions. For one thing, they are with a live audience for the first time since the pandemic began. They are also responding to the current world situation with last-minute program changes and additions.

 "Especially now, when a war threatens our European values, we need art and culture more than ever!" With these words, Lisa Batiashvili, Artistic Director of the Audi Summer Concerts, invites visitors to this year's classical music event. When the violinist opens the cultural event on June 30 in Klenzepark, she will point to program highlights that respond to the current threat to freedom and democracy with the language of music.

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Noua hartă dezvăluie cel mai adânc loc din Oceanul de Sud din jurul Antarcticii PDF Imprimare
Luni, 13 Iunie 2022 14:15
                        The new chart is the most precise yet of the Southern Ocean
The new chart is the most precise yet of the Southern Ocean

An international team of scientists and cartographers has released the most detailed map ever of the

seafloor of the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica. It covers 48 million km² (19 million miles²) and

includes the deepest spot yet found in the region.

Despite intense efforts, beginning with the voyage of HMS Challenger in 1873, the seafloor of the world's

oceans still remains largely a mystery. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

(NOAA), only 10 percent of the bottom of the ocean has been mapped using modern sonar methods and

the ocean maps that one sees in various places hide the fact that these are based on very incomplete

, low-resolution data.



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Europa: de la cumpărător de ultimă instanță la cumpărător agresiv [Gas In Transition] PDF Imprimare
Joi, 02 Iunie 2022 11:58


  by: Ross McCracken

   "European LNG regasification capacity is expected to see one its fastest periods of expansion as countries turn to the liquified fuel as an alternative to Russian gas imports.

     According to a database published by Gas Infrastructure Europe, European regas capacity will rise by 102.5bn m3/yr to 361.8bn m3 by 2026, an increase of nearly 40% in just four years. The split for new capacity across Europe is just under 60bn m3/yr in the north and about 43bn m3/yr in the south (see figure 1). This marks a new and largely unexpected change for the global LNG market.

    From standing still with excess capacity and acting as the buyer of last resort when prices were low, Europe is set to become an aggressive buyer in a market under-prepared for such a sudden boom in demand. North-south imbalance Regas capacity in Europe has gone through a number of distinct phases, starting with three terminals built between 1969 and 1972 all in the Mediterranean, serving Spain, Italy and France respectively. In the 1980s and 1990s, northern Europe entered the game with the construction of the 13bn m3/yr Zeebrugge terminal in Belgium, but the majority of new capacity continued to be located in the Mediterranean, Iberian Peninsula or at least at some distance from the then dev...  "



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