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Baterii de densitate ultra-înaltă PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 14 Mai 2024 19:05

                                  Amprius takes the next step toward a more powerful, field-ready wearable battery

Ultra-high density battery vests give next-gen soldiers twice the energy

     Amprius began shipping its remarkable silicone-anode batteries in 2022, laying claim to the world's highest-density battery cells along the way. It's now focusing attention on a unique use case: a military-spec wearable battery for warfighters.

       The idea is simple enough; soldiers of the future will need to carry maximum energy at minimal weight to feed the host of mission-critical electrical hardware they'll wear, stash and carry by hand through the field. Amprius claims its ultra-dense batteries will double the runtime of existing solutions, enabling soldiers to stay out longer without needing to stop for recharge.


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Videoclipul fabricii de umanoizi din China se cufundă înapoi în valea neobișnuită PDF Imprimare
Joi, 09 Mai 2024 18:58

                                  Still frame from a video shot inside a humanoid robot factory in China

    A 20-second video from inside a Chinese humanoid robot factory is causing some consternation today around social media. It shows a range of highly realistic-looking, partially skinned humanoids under construction.
    The video, uploaded by user 'meimei4515,' is uncredited, but shows several moving androids with human-like hair and skin – in stark contrast to most of the general-purpose humanoids we'd normally cover, which are designed to look like robots, rather than trying to fool anyone.
Here, there are rows of pretty cyborg-ladies, disembodied heads on stands, fully human-like presenter types wearing shirts and pants, and a surreal tree of humanoid arms, flexing and twirling their white-fingered hands in concert. It looks for all the world like a grittier version of Westworld's backstage workshop.
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Furios? Vasele tale de sânge plătesc prețul, demonstrează un nou studiu PDF Imprimare
Vineri, 03 Mai 2024 16:57

                            Anger is never a great look, especially inside your blood vessels

     Even brief periods of anger caused by triggering memories can negatively impact our blood vessels' ability to relax. That's the finding of a new study that could have implications on how we look at heart attack and stroke risk.
    While there have been observational studies in the past linking negative emotions like anger to an increased risk of heart attacks, scientists working with the American Heart Association wanted to see if they could more precisely pin down how an experience of anger actually affects our blood vessels and the cells lining them.

So they recruited 280 healthy adults with an average of 26 years to participate in a study in which they were asked to sit quietly and relax for 30 minutes before moving to the next step. Then, researchers took their blood pressure, heart rate, measured their dilation of their blood vessels using finger probes, and took blood samples. Next, the participants were assigned an emotional task based on their place in one of four randomly assigned groups.


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T. Rex nu a fost atât de inteligent pe cât ni s-a făcut să credem PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 01 Mai 2024 20:56

                                     We still wouldn't call a T. rex not that clever to their face

     While we don't like to talk ill of the dead, new physiological analysis has found that the king of the dinosaurs was not so smart after all. It upends previous research that last year likened the brain and neuronal composition of the Tyrannosaurus rex to that of a primate.
    It's been a rough year or two for the long extinct dinosaur. First, we questioned their teeth, finding that those iconic chompers could very much have been smaller and hidden behind lips, and now an international team of paleontologists, behavioral scientists and neurologists have concluded that the T. rex wasn't smarter than your average lizard or crocodile. Why all the hate, science?
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Toti bugetarii vor Multi , Multi BANI..................... PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 24 Aprilie 2024 17:56

     Protest /miting la Agentia Nationala pentru Sport ieri.
     Ce sa vindem ca sa dam salarii la bugetari ?

     Hidro,Tarom.Nuclear , vreo mina,......
    Propun CRESTEREA salariilor celor ce vor ramine din Agentia Nationala de Sport cu 26% in conditiile in care :-se RESTRUCTUREAZA aceasta agentie cu 30% din personal- pe baza unei Analize individuale..
.   Pensiile au crescut doar cu 13,8% ,si inflatia a fost de Rata anuală a inflaţiei a urcat în luna ianuarie 2024 la 7,41%,*
     *De la 1 ianuarie 2024, pentru circa 5 milioane de români, pensiile au crescut în raport cu rata inflației. Majorarea este cu 13,8%.----



Ce sa vindem ca sa dam salarii la bugetari ?
*** MULTI , foarte multi bugetari : Numărul posturilor ocupate în instituţiile şi autorităţile publice din România era, în ianuarie 2023, de 1.278.995, cu 307 mai multe comparativ cu luna precedentă şi cu 14.152 peste numărul din ianuarie 2022, aproape 64% dintre acestea fiind în administraţia publică centrală, conform datelor publicate pe site-ul Ministerului Finanţelor (MF), informează Agerpres.
Din totalul celor 817.725 de angajaţi din administraţia publică centrală, 602.407 lucrau în instituţii finanţate integral de la bugetul de stat (minus 156 angajaţi comparativ cu decembrie 2022).
Cel mai mare număr de posturi ocupate se înregistra în Ministerul Educaţiei, respectiv 294.930 (294.748 în decembrie 2022), Ministerul Afacerilor Interne - 125.548 (125.668 luna precedentă), Ministerul Apărării Naţionale - 73.387 (73.410 în decembrie 2022), Ministerul Finanţelor - 24.779 (24.830 în decembrie 2022) şi Ministerul Sănătăţii -18.236 (18.278 în luna anterioară).
Acest text a fost copiat de pe Câți bugetari are România. Numărul uriaș de oameni angajați la stat în ultimul an *** Rata anuală a inflaţiei a urcat în luna ianuarie 2024 la 7,41%, de la 6,61% în decembrie, în condiţiile în care mărfurile alimentare s-au scumpit cu 5,64%, cele nealimentare cu 7,36%, iar serviciile cu 10,91%, potrivit datelor Institutului Naţional de Statistică (INS), publicate miercuri.



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