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"Molecular surgery" reshapes cartilage while sparing the scalpel PDF Imprimare
Joi, 04 Aprilie 2019 12:12

           While the technology could be utilized for cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (pictured above), it may...

While the technology could be utilized for cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty (pictured above), it may also find use on tendons or corneas(Credit: VGeorgiev/Depositphotos)

    Currently, in order to reshape cartilage such as that within the nose, incisions and subsequent sutures are typically required. Not only is the procedure invasive, but it can also result in scarring. Now, however, scientists have demonstrated a new method of cartilage-reshaping that requires no cutting.

   First of all, there already is a procedure in which an infrared laser is used to heat up cartilage, making it malleable enough to be molded into the desired shape. According to the University of California-Irvine's Dr. Brian Wong, however, the process is expensive, plus it's difficult the heat the cartilage sufficiently without killing it.


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Grapefruit: few Health Benefits, Diet Tips and Fun Facts PDF Imprimare
Joi, 14 Martie 2019 19:49

     Grapefruit is a relatively new type of citrus fruit, it was bred in the 18th century as a cross between a pomelo and an orange. It was named grapefruit due to growing in clusters, similar to grapes. Interestingly, this super-food is truly a dividing one, because people either adore it or hate it, there is no in between. However, no-one can deny its health benefits, and all dietician recommend the incorporation of it in a regular diet, because it can help to resolve several health problems. Although, grapefruit can have adverse effects in combination with certain medication. Keep on reading, if you are concerned about the co-administered medication or if you would like to know more about its health benefits.

25. The Most Nutritious Citrus Fruit.



Grapefruit boosts your vitamin C level, which makes it highly nutritious amongst various citrus fruit, and it brings the benefits of which are derived from various nutrients and vitamins such as potassium, calcium and lycopene.



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Alzheimer's eye test could catch the disease before symptoms appear PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 13 Martie 2019 15:01

            A newly published study adds weight to the growing body of evidence suggesting cognitive decline can...

A newly published study adds weight to the growing body of evidence suggesting cognitive decline can be tracked through changes in the eye(Credit: Wavebreakmedia/Depositphotos)

    A compelling new study, published in the journal Ophthalmology Retina, has reported that statistically significant differences can be identified in the retinas of patients with Alzheimer's disease. The finding paves the way for a future where the disease could be diagnosed from a simple eye scan before major symptoms appear.

    The Duke University research is centered around a non-invasive imaging technology called optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA), which allows clinicians to rapidly examine the blood flow in tiny capillaries at the back of the retina.

    "We're measuring blood vessels that can't be seen during a regular eye exam and we're doing that with relatively new noninvasive technology that takes high-resolution images of very small blood vessels within the retina in just a few minutes," says senior author on the study, Sharon Fekrat. "It's possible that these changes in blood vessel density in the retina could mirror what's going on in the tiny blood vessels in the brain, perhaps before we are able to detect any changes in cognition."


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Cremă anti-age intens restructurantă PDF Imprimare
Vineri, 22 Februarie 2019 11:08
       Imagini pentru Gerovital H3 Evolution  poza
   Crema este recomandată pentru îngrijirea pe timpul nopții, moment în care procesele de regenerare și nutrire sunt amplificate.  Are efect anti-age imediat și de durată, conţine ingredienţi biomimetici (uleiuri, grăsimi, ceruri naturale) cu mare putere de reconstrucţie a tenului matur.
Fără oxibenzonă. Fără parabeni.

Ingrediente active
  • Ingredienţi biomimetici (uleiuri, grăsimi, ceruri naturale) cu mare putere de reconstrucţie.
  • Complexul anti-age Superoxid Dismutaza, Trylagen, GP4G asigură efecte anti-age de durată: atenuarea ridurilor, reînnoirea colagenului şi energia pură necesară funcţionării celulelor.
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Miercuri, 20 Februarie 2019 10:43

"Inca  din cele  mai  vechi timpuri s-a  dovedit  stiintific  faptul ca sentimente negative,precum frica, au  efecte  devastatoare  asupra  vietii . "

   "Astazi  este  demonstrat  de catre  oamenii  de  stiinta ca  orice emotie  negativa, nu doar  frica, blocheaza  chimia  necesara unui  organism sanatos  si  celulele  mor.Pe  termen  lung, aceasta  degenarare poate  insemna  o  serie de  afectiuni, unele  foarte  grave  precum scleroza, boli degenarative,Parkinson sau  dementa."

   Poate  fi  considerata  ca  "emotie  negativa "   o  scrisoare  primita de la  Primarie  in care  ne anunta ca  avem ceva de  platit  ( impozit , amenda,etc....) si de  fapt  nu  avem , sau  o  scrisoare  de  la  Primarie  ca ni se  ia  locul de  parcare  ( pe motiv ca  nu avem  masina , dar  noi  am  vindut  masina  veche si  am  luat  alta  noua  pina  sa  o vindem pe cea  veche , - si  platim  si  impozit  pe ea...), sau  un  control  "tematic" la  firma  ( de  exemplu  daca  firmele  au  Avize  de  functionare  - desi  aceste  Avize  de  functionare se  dau  tot  de  ei  normal  ar  trebui  sa  le  aiba  ),sau  te  duci  la  Primaruie  sa  platesti  Impozitul  pe casa  si  ei  spun  ca  nu  ai  nimic  de  plata , si  tu  le  spui  ca de 25 de ani  platesti  cota  parte  imp[ozit pe apartament  , si  ei  iti  spun  sa  dovedesti  tu asta ,nu  iti  plateste factura un  beneficiar, cumperi  un  pui  de la  magazin  si acasa constati ca puiul  este  stricat , sau  se  opreste  curentul , apa , netul ,.....??

     Cam  cit  costa  o  eventuala  consultatie  dupa  o  " emotie  negativa "  :

 -Evaluare psihologie clinica:

  - Raport de evaluare pentru Comisia de Evaluare a Persoanelor cu Handicap: 120 lei
  - Screening psihodiagnostic pentru diferite tulburari clinice (depresie, anxietate, agorafobie, stres postraumatic, bulimie, tulburari obsesiv-compulsive, tulburare de panica, tulburari psihotice, abuz de alcool, abuz de medicamente, somatizare, ipohindrie): 100 lei
  - Evaluarea psihologica in vederea identificarii trasaturilor specifice diagnosticarii tulburarilor de personalitate: 150 lei

Psihiatru sau psiholog
tariful consultatiei este de 150 RON,
-  Psihoterapie individuala: 100 lei / sedinta de 50 minute.
-  Pihoterapie de cuplu: 150 lei / sedinta de 80 minute.

si  cine  ar  TREBUI  sa  plateasca  costurile  pentru  "emotiile  negative"  ??

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