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Tipuri de măști și diferențele dintre ele PDF Imprimare
Joi, 14 Mai 2020 12:17
Măștile de protecție se împart în trei categorii: măști faciale simple, măști medicale și măști respiratorii, cu protecție avansată. Ce le diferențiază? Numărul de straturi de protecție și eficiența filtrării particulelor de praf, a bacteriilor și a virusurilor. Măști faciale și medicale Măștile faciale și cele medicale sunt confecționate din 3 straturi – cel din interior absoarbe umiditatea, cel din mijloc acționează ca un filtru împotriva bacteriilor și virusurilor, iar cel din exterior este impermeabil și are rol de protecție.
Eficiența filtrării este standard – măștile faciale și cele medicale reușesc că blocheze particulele de 3 microni.

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Dermofarm Dezinfectanți Mâini și Suprafețe PDF Imprimare
Joi, 14 Mai 2020 11:12
                                  Newsletter Farmec

    Dermofarm Dezinfectant pentru mâini, 750 ml este o soluție dezinfectantă alcoolică cu efect virucid, bactericid, fungicid, cu acțiune rapidă, destinată dezinfectării igienice și chirurgicale a mâinilor. 
  • Categoria de utilizatori: medical (chirurgical), industrial, casnic, colectivități.
  • Virucid. Antibacterian. Antifungic.  
  • Acțiune rapidă, fără clătire. 
  • Conține Alcool Etilic 80%v/v. 
  • Timp de acțiune: Dezinfecție igienică - 30 secunde. Dezinfecție chirurgicală - 180 secunde. 
  • Ambalaj practic prevăzut cu pulverizator.
Biocid Avizat de Institutul Cantacuzino - Autorizația Nr.: 48/10.04.2020.
Fișa cu Date de Securitate
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Pasca PDF Imprimare
Bucatarie - Retete
Vineri, 17 Aprilie 2020 11:34



  Ingrediente  necesare  :

   -1  kg  faina

   - 250 g  zahar

   - 70  gr  deojdie

   - 300  ml  lapte  cald

   - 15  g  sare

   - 200  ml  ulei

   - coaja  de  la  o  lamaie

   - esenta  de  vanilie

   - crema de  branza

   - 4  oua

   - 1  kg  branza  de  vaci

   - 200 g  zahar  tos

   - 50  gr  stafide

   - coaja  de  la  o  lamaie

   - 1  plic  zahar  vanilat

   - dulceata de  visine


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Exercise prevents onset of liver cancer in high-risk mice PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 15 Aprilie 2020 11:52

            A new study has highlighted how exercise can intervene in the onset of liver cancer in high-risk individuals

    Liver cancer rates have more than tripled since 1980, according to the American Cancer Society, and a rise in obesity and type 2 diabetes have played a significant role in this trend. Scientists investigating these links in mice have uncovered new evidence of the importance of exercise in keeping these conditions at bay, finding that it likely prevents early onset of liver cancer in high-risk individuals.

  The benefits of regular exercise in maintaining health and wellbeing are well known, and recent research has pointed to the role it can play in preventing or even combating cancer. The new study conducted by researchers at the Australian National University (ANU) sought to dive a little deeper into this, and if exercise could prevent liver cancer in those already at high risk.

“We know exercise helps reduce rates of some cancers already but we wanted to find out if exercise would reduce liver cancer rates when there is a high risk of developing it,” says ANU’s Professor Farrell. “For example, if you have had or have hepatitis C, cirrhosis and you're a type 2 diabetic you have really a very high rate of liver cancer.”

Specifically, the team studied how fatty liver disease linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes can act as a precursor to liver cancer, and how exercise could break this chain of negative health outcomes. Mice were engineered to over-eat in order to develop obesity and type 2 diabetes, with the rodents then injected with cancer-causing agents early in life.


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Modern iron lung designed to address ventilator shortage PDF Imprimare
Duminică, 12 Aprilie 2020 12:35

Rendering of the exovent in use

   British engineers are developing a modern version of the Negative Pressure Ventilator (NPV), more popularly known as the "iron lung," to provide COVID-19 patients under the care of the NHS with a simple, inexpensive alternative to ventilators.

    One of the resources that is in critically short supply for treating COVID-19 patients in need of respiratory support is ventilators. They help to support breathing in people whose lungs have been heavily affected by the virus, but these machines face a number of problems.

    The most obvious difficulty is that ventilators are in short supply across the world as health authorities scramble to secure enough to meet the current and estimated demand as the pandemic spreads. They are also complex, expensive, require monitoring by trained personnel, and are dangerous to use on even healthy people because they require the patient to be intubated and sedated, and sometimes even paralyzed.


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