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IMF Executive Board concludes the third review under the IMF’s Extended Arrangement under the Extend PDF Imprimare
Joi, 04 Iunie 2020 10:33


    The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the third review of the IMF’s extended arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) for Barbados. The completion of the review allows the authorities to draw the equivalent of SDR 101 million (about US$139 million), bringing total disbursements to the equivalent of SDR 206 million (about US$283 million).

     The four-year extended arrangement under the EFF was approved on October 1, 2018 (see Press Release No. 18/370). Including the augmentation approved by the Executive Board today, the extended arrangement is for an amount equivalent of SDR 274 million (about US$377 million).

      Barbados continues its strong implementation of the comprehensive Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan aimed at restoring fiscal and debt sustainability and increasing reserves and growth. The ongoing global coronavirus pandemic poses a major challenge for the economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism, and is expected to have a large impact on the balance of payments and the fiscal accounts.


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GROUPE RENAULT anunta ca va lua un CREDIT de 5 mil EURO cu garantia statului francez PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 03 Iunie 2020 13:29


     Groupe Renault announces the finalization of a credit facility agreement with a banking pool, for a maximum total amount of €5 billion benefiting from a guarantee of the French State.

     This credit facility, which may be drawn in whole or in part, will help finance the group’s liquidity requirements within the context of an unprecedented crisis.

The main terms and conditions of this credit facility are as follows :

  • A maximum total amount of €5 billion, which may be drawn in whole or in part and in one or several times, until December 31st, 2020;
  • An initial 12-month maturity, with an option for Renault to extend the maturity for an additional three-year period;
  • a guarantee from the French State up to 90% of the total amount borrowed;
  • a banking pool made up of five banks: BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, HSBC France, Natixis and Société Générale.
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Produse romanesti :KANDIA PDF Imprimare
Miercuri, 27 Mai 2020 13:03

Vrei sa ne Revenim din criza ?
Hai sa consumam produse ROMANESTI !!


                           Nu este disponibilă nicio descriere pentru fotografie.

    În 1890 Kandia Dulce a început să producă prima ciocolată cu lapte din România.

      Astăzi, după 130 de ani de activitate, Kandia Dulce este cel mai mare producător român de dulciuri, cu un portofoliu divers de brand-uri prezente în categorii de produse precum ciocolată, patiserie, biscuiți și produse zaharoase.
- biscuiti
- ciocolata
- bomboane


                                          Este posibil ca imaginea să conţină: mâncare, text care spune „ROM PRĂJITURĂ Rom și Prune Autentic ROM”



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MV Agusta starts production on special edition Rush 1000 dragster PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 26 Mai 2020 13:52

The Rush 1000: the latest MV Agusta special edition based on the 4-cylinder Brutale

The Rush 1000: the latest MV Agusta special edition based on the 4-cylinder Brutale
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Rocking up to a group ride on an MV Agusta has long been the kind of thing to raise eyebrows. An MV rider, eh? What are we looking at here, a dyed-in-the-wool old-school Agostini fan? A lover of fine Italian design? A fastidious bike-washer? You can be fairly sure you're not looking at somebody frugal or practical or geared up for long distance; MV's motorcycles are statement pieces. Strapping luggage on them would feel like filling a Gucci handbag up with undies and socks. These are purchases of passion, not pragmatism.


That's the regular MVs, mind you, the almost affordable ones. If you're the type that demands an extra dollop of special, MV has never been afraid to gild the hell out of a lily. Special editions pop up from this factory like whack-a-mole heads, each for a short time and solely for people willing to spend serious money on a motorcycle. Please ignore the fact that serious motorcycle money lines up pretty nicely with average new car money.

The Rush 1000 is such a special edition. It's based on the Brutale 1000 RR, a four-cylinder, 998cc, 208-horsepower monster and a very pretty and expensive bike in its own right. The Rush keeps this monster engine in the same state of tune, as well as the same claimed top speed over 300 km/h (186 mph) if you can hang onto a naked bike in that kind of windblast. You can slap on an optional racing kit if you need four extra horsepower ... Who are we kidding here? The chief value of the racing kit is that its titanium exhaust will make the bike louder, thus garnering you a little extra attention.

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Produse Romanesti : Farmec Cluj PDF Imprimare
Marţi, 26 Mai 2020 12:56


                                       Farmec Cluj şi-a bugetat investiţii de 26 mil. lei, de 3-4 ori mai ...

                  Sa cumparam Produse ROMANESTI !!
            Farmec Cluj
- Sapun
- Dezinfectanti
- Cosmetice

Sediul central

CLUJ NAPOCA, Str. H Barbusse, nr. 16, Cod 400616
Judetul Cluj, RomaniaTelefon centrala
+40264 432 884Telefon magazin online
+40 372 406 300
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