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Analiza preliminara a inmatricularilor de autovehicule in luna Ianuarie 2021 PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 02 Februarie 2021 12:51

    Conform datelor comunicate de catre DRPCIV (Directia Regim Permise de

Conducere si Inmatriculare a Vehiculelor), in luna ianuarie a.c au fost inmatriculate

in Romania 7.625autovehicule noi (autoturisme si vehicule comerciale, autocare si speciale), cu 46,8% mai putine decat in luna similara a lui 2020.

    Dintre acestea, 6.004 au fost autoturisme noi,a caror scaderefata de luna
ianuarie 2020 (cand au fost inmatriculate 12.489 unitati), este de -51,9%.Top-ul 5
pe marci in ianuarie :
   Dacia 914 unitati,
   Ford 763 unitati,
   Toyota 711 unitati ,
   Hyundai 661 unitati si
   Skoda 468 unitati
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Șampon antimătreață cu Ichtiol PDF Imprimare Email
Marţi, 02 Februarie 2021 12:44

   Ser anticădere - Gerovital Tratament Expert

   Unul din marii inamici ai frumuseţii părului este mătreaţa. Deși prezentă in mod natural la nivelul pielii, în unele cazuri se poate înmulţi excesiv. Șampoanele Gerovital Tratament Expert au rolul de normalizare a secreţiei sebumului, precum şi a ratei de înnoire a celulelor epidermei de la nivelul scalpului, eliminând efectele neplăcute și inestetice ale mătreții.
   Dedicat îngrijirii pielii sensibile a scalpului, șamponul luptă eficient împotriva mătreții persistente, putând fi folosit chiar și pentru ameliorarea unor probleme mai neplăcute, precum dermatita seboreică.
Formularea sa revoluționară are la bază ingrediente precum Piroctone Olamine, un antifungic esențial în combatarea mătreții, ichtiolul, cu proprietăți antiimflamatoare și antiseptice, și provitamina B5, ce menține o hidratare optimă atât la nivelul scalpului, cât și al firului de păr.
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Commission authorises third vaccine against COVID-19 PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 01 Februarie 2021 15:18
Picture of a vaccine sample
    The European Commission has granted on 29 January a conditional marketing authorisation for the COVID‑19 vaccine developed by AstraZeneca. The authorisation follows a positive scientific recommendation based on a thorough assessment of the safety, effectiveness and quality of the vaccine by the European Medicines Agency and is endorsed by the Member States.
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Apollo 14: Misiunea care a salvat programul SUA Moon PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 01 Februarie 2021 15:10

The future of teh US Moon program depended on the success

The future of the US Moon program depended on the success of Apollo 14

Fifty years ago today, on January 31, 1971, at 4:03 pm EST, a Saturn V rocket lifted off from Pad A of Launch Complex 39 at the Kennedy Space Center carrying Apollo 14 – the Moon mission that would make or break the US space program.

If Apollo 14 is remembered at all by most people, it's mainly as the answer to trivia questions like, who was the oldest man to walk on the Moon, or what is the longest lunar golf drive? But it was far more than that. Arguably, it was one of the most important of all the Apollo lunar landing missions, with the possible exception of Apollo 11.

This is because Apollo 14 was the follow-on mission from the ill-fated Apollo 13, which suffered an oxygen tank explosion on the way to the Moon that crippled the Command Service Module (CSM) and forced the three astronauts aboard to use the Lunar Module (LM) as a lifeboat as they struggled to return to Earth.

It was a heroic episode that showed the value of courage, innovation, and training, but it also almost killed the Apollo program, which was already faced with an indifferent public and a hostile congress that would rather spend the NASA budget elsewhere. This put a lot of pressure on the space agency and the crew of Apollo 14. If it failed, if it was forced to turn back, it would almost certainly have been the last American Moon landing for the foreseeable future.


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Anticorpii monoclonali pot preveni COVID-19 sever, dar există o captură PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 28 Ianuarie 2021 13:23

      Interim data from Regeneron's Phase 3 trial suggests monoclonal antibodies are effective in preventing COVID-19 but the cost of manufacturing these medicines may limit their use

    Interim data from Regeneron's Phase 3 trial suggests monoclonal antibodies are effective in preventing COVID-19 but the cost of manufacturing these medicines may limit their use

    Promising interim data from a unique Phase 3 trial testing the efficacy of a monoclonal antibody cocktail developed to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection has been announced by pharmaceutical company Regeneron. The preliminary results suggest this novel treatment is 100 percent effective at preventing symptomatic infection, but despite these positive signs there are concerns the prohibitive cost of producing monoclonal antibody therapies will severely limit widespread use.

   Last week pharma company Eli Lilly revealed its monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 is 80 percent effective at preventing viral infection. Not to be outdone, Lilly’s major monoclonal antibody competitor Regeneron is now announcing early results from its ongoing Phase 3 clinical trial.

Monoclonal antibody treatments are a little different to vaccines. Instead of teaching a body how to produce antibodies against a virus, monoclonal antibodies are a single dose of lab-produced antibodies intended to either prevent infection or reduce the severity of a disease for a short period of time.

Regeneron’s therapy is called REGEN-COV and it comprises two different but complimentary types of lab-engineered antibodies developed to rapidly stop the virus from replicating inside an infected patient. These kinds of monoclonal antibody therapies are designed to be administered to subjects at high-risk of being infected with SARS-CoV-2, or given to patients at the very earliest stage of COVID-19.


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Nokia to publish fourth-quarter and full-year 2020 report on 4 February 2021 PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 28 Ianuarie 2021 10:50

                        Nokia - Business Enviroment Analysis

    Nokia will publish fourth-quarter and full-year 2020 report on 4 February 2021 at approximately 8 a.m. Finnish time (EET). The financial report will be made available on the Nokia website immediately after publication.

    Nokia only publishes a summary of its financial reports in stock exchange releases. The summary focuses on Nokia Group's financial information as well as on Nokia's outlook.

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